1st February 2010

Madden Songbird Catherine Grimley is to once again perform on a glittering stage, this time at the prestige Grand Final of U Factor, on Thursday evening in the Europa Hotel.

Over 150 people from across County Armagh have already snapped up tickets for the sold-out gig, meaning that Catherine Grimley is pulling in the biggest audience than any of the other six competition performers, with over 20% of the ticket share being snapped up by Catherine’s loyal fans.

This just highlights the popularity of the down-to-earth Madden woman and signals good things for the local artist who is expected to release her debut album within the coming weeks. 

The Grand Final in Belfast’s most famous hotel, the Europa, will see six competitors from Counties Armagh, Down, Tyrone, Fermanagh, Derry, Antrim and a competitor representing Belfast, battle it out for the winner’s title.  With that title comes a deal to perform on a 118 Cruise to the Med in November, along with an attractive cheque!

The decision on the night lies solely with the judges, with seven top experts from the world of music and entertainment sealing the fate of the competitors.

Catherine has already impressed the judges with the Benn Sisters describing her as ‘a real contender’ and other judges have described her as a ‘flawless singer’.  She is definitely one of the favourites to win.

In December, Catherine was crowed County Armagh Champion beating off a high level of competition from singers across the County.  Her large army of fans now hope that they will have a lot of celebrate come Thursday night.

It’s a busy time for the 25-year-old as she is also planning her wedding at the moment, but the outgoing young woman doesn’t let it all faze her.  Speaking ahead of the Grand Final Catherine said, “It’s been a brilliant opportunity and I’ve really enjoyed the experience.  I love to sing and to sing before so many great audiences has been unreal, I can’t wait to do it all again on Thursday evening.

“No matter what the result is on Thursday I just want to thank all my supporters who are so loyal and who are so good to travel the whole way to Belfast to support me.  They help me feel at ease and bring the party with them whatever happens.”

The whole of County Armagh will be rooting for Catherine Grimley on Thursday night, but one thing’s for sure, no matter what the outcome on Thursday, there are big things happening for the Madden Songbird this year.  Keep up-to-date on Catherine’s success by logging onto www.catherinegrimley.com .  Good Luck Catherine!